Almaz collections are handmade textile items crafted by local professional tailors, with natural fabrics and inserts, fostering Made in Italy in the world.

designing diversity

the word Almaz - አልማዝ - means "diamond" in amharic.
Almaz comes from the desire to capture and materialize the essence of the diverse international cultural heritage and aims at promoting the value of diversity in society through the diversity of visual languages.

the team

Almaz is now a team of international professionals sharing the passion for design and handmade items.

Each and every step of the creation of an item is imbued with passion and care.

The first step is in the mind of the designers, then the designs are sent for high quality printing and are finally turned into wonderful handmade items from the catalogue or custom made based on each customer's preferences. 

Almaz only uses natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.